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Launch of Kart Republic Asia

Kart Republic Asia was officially launched last weekend during the Iame Asia Final at Bira Circuit, Thailand. Teams, drivers and dealers around the region attended the launch which was officiated by Dino Chiesa himself.

The ceremony started with a simple introduction to Kart Republic Asia followed by a speech given by Dino, who explained his philosophy and vision for the brand, his hopes for making Kart Republic a top chassis in Asia, as well as advice for up and coming drivers aspiring to reach the highest level in motorsport.

We would like to thank all of you who have taken your time to attend the launch.

Launch Transcript

Dino: First of all, thank you to everybody for coming here. I’m very happy to see how good Kart Republic is in Asia and I hope to be better and better. I hope to win something tomorrow (referring to Iame Asia Final) so I can tell you how good the kart is. I expected a lower level here (competition), but the level in Asia now is very high. The competitors and racing is high level like in Europe and it is very good to see that because young drivers can come to Europe… I already know some young drivers like Emiliano and Tizi who came to Europe to do some racing. And I think the level now is harder, it is exactly like Europe. That is good for the sport and everything. I didn’t expect to have a high level like this in these kind of racing, very good drivers, very important.

Question: How to go faster?

Dino: Laughed…For sure, practice and practice a lot. People like Hannes (Janker) can say the same. You saw sometimes a driver when he’s behind, just because he has no experience, more practice and more racing, the better he can go. There’s nothing special. Even a very fast driver like Hannes or Travisanutto (Lorenzo), they have 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 foot, 2 arm…it’s nothing special, and one helmet, it’s nothing special…sometimes even without helmet (he joked). And practice makes the difference. Just practice more if possible. That is the key.

Question: We have some of the dealers from South East Asia here. Is there anything you want to say to them, what’s your vision for KR in South East Asia? Of course to sell more chassis.

Dino: What I can promise is, we worked hard this year, we made announcement one year ago, it was 12 months ago. We worked hard to try and make the best chassis possible. We keep working, because development never stops in Karting. Even 2019, we didn’t change anything but it is little things we’ll develop for 2020, if we can find something – better for everybody. What I saw, we start more in the beginning in Europe area, because we are born in Europe, and it is easier to find driver and everything in Europe. Then also United States, and everywhere we go, we can compete to win the race. We won even the World Championship, we did a very good season, but what I saw it is not just World Championship, because it is different engine and different things. What I saw in Euro Challenge X30 we did very well, we have one driver in Senior, Van Splunteren, finished 2nd in Euro Challenge, because he started with OTK chassis, and he did very bad, fortunately for me (with a smiled), he moved to KR and he won 2 races. But it was not enough to win the Championship, he finished 2nd. Also, he started pole in Le Mans, then he had a crash in the Final but he was quick. And for sure our material is good, we are still working. I was in Adria yesterday and now I’m here today because I want to join all the people here in Asia to try and help as much as possible. This is what we got to do for next year and the following year. With our mechanic and with our staff, we try to help as much as possible to Asia, and to make our job as good as possible. This is what I can promise from our side. From your side, you need to push the throttle and much as possible and win the race!

Question: We have a lot of young drivers here and of course you tied up with Nico Rosberg for his karting academy. Is there any chance for these young ones to go if they do well?

Dino: Of course! Rosberg Academy is open. It is not closed to a special driver or something. Special driver don’t exist, like I’ve told you before. Even a special driver has hands, 2 arms, 2 legs, nothing more. Practice makes the difference, focus, be passionate…make (karting) fun but be passionate, and step by step, you arrive anywhere. If you have no limit in the head, you have no limit!

Question: Can you explain the wing (referring to the Kart Republic Logo)

Dino: This is good story. The company is born in an area called Veneto. The flag of Veneto is the Lion of Saint Mark with 2 wings. That is why we have the wing, the wing is the Lion of Veneto. It is one of the wings of the Lion because I live in the region and if you look at the flag of Venice, there’s the Lion and also the color… because Venice flag is orange, yellow white. That’s why we chose this color.

Question: And the slogan? (Referring to "We Are Republic, We Are One")

Dino: The slogan is also, because Venice, very long time ago, during the Marco Polo time, the name is repubblica serenissima, that is why Republic. And I think We Are Republic, We Are One because if I’m here, we are together and we are one!

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